I am on a mission.  I want to change the way our society views women, and help women rediscover their beauty.

My favorite thing about photographing children is their complete lack of inhibition.  They are not worried about how they will look in their photos or what others think of them.  Every kid who has requested to see his/her own picture in the back of my camera has loved how they looked in it.  They are free from that internal criticism we adults fall prey to.

What happens to that carefree child?  While I cannot speak to the male experience, as a female I noticed that around the age of 8 I started to internalize the definition of beauty from our culture.  It was then that I started feeling ugly; unacceptable; worthless.

I started to believe that my value comes from my outward appearance.

But that is just not true!

I want to help other women (and men) break free from this belief and begin to live their true purpose.  Women struggle with the need to look small, meek, submissive, slender, pretty, flirty, and sexy in pictures, when what we need is to see more women looking POWERFUL in their pictures.  How can we expect to see more women in positions of leadership when the pictures we see of women portray them in such a powerless manner?

My goal is to photograph people in an authentic way.  To show their personality, their power, their confidence, their creativity, their kindness, their fearlessness, and their love.  I want to photograph real people - not models.  I want to take pictures that will help you achieve something amazing, whether your goal is building an audience, growing a business, running for office, or championing a cause.

If that’s you, then let’s chat.

Thanks for reading!


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